Objectives of the conference

Exchange of international experiences on the best parenting models related to the best interest of the child. Establishing an international network of experts for further exchange of experiences and improvement of all aspects of the child’s best interest. Improvement of interdisciplinary cooperation between different parts of the system of child protection, social protection, judiciary, Ministry of Interior, health, education, citizens’ associations.

Expected results

Increasing the number of experts who will have more information in order to protect the best interests of the child. Experts could have an established network of experts in their departments where they work, with whom they could improve their knowledge. Mutual introduction of experts in the field of social and legal protection, education, health, police and citizens’ associations in which there are significant professional resources that will continue to work in the best interest of children and the increase of professional and scientific works in Serbia on this topic, which will also clarify from a scientific aspect this issue. A significant level of information for association members and everyone who followed the event.

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